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Getting help with your remortgage will save you time and money.

Do you wish that you could get your finances sorted out with no hassle at all? You could be closer than you think if you choose to use a mortgage adviser when you want to remortgage.

Lenders are continually introducing new mortgage products with the latest features and interest rates to attract new borrowers but, how often do they ask you if you wish to take advantage of these offers?

Indeed, after remortgaging, a new borrower is often on a better deal than the loyal client who has been with their bank for years!

How to Save Time and Money

Our advisers have all the market knowledge and experience in order to select the right remortgage product for you. We will research the market to ensure that you have the best product available. Remember, with lenders looking to add arrangement fees to some of their products, the best rate may not be the best solution.... we will advise you accordiingly saving you time and money,


How long would it take you to sift through the piles of financial information on other lenders and their products? How do you know that you've covered all the products that are available? Do you know where to go to get the right information? The financial pages of your daily newspaper may have "best buys" and give you comparative rates, but they don't give you all the information you need, and it can be extremely time consuming to track down specific details for the products you're interested in.


Whilst it doesn't cost anything to get the information you need about your remortgage, choosing the wrong product can be a financial mistake. Going for higher interest rates, or products that charge hefty fees and Early Repayment Charges that your monthly payments may be higher, and you won't be able to change to a cheaper option without parting with yet more of your hard-earned cash. Getting the right advice, however, could save you a significant sum in the long term.

If you are interested in saving time and money when it comes to your remortgage, choose to talk to our remortgage experts; who have an in-depth knowledge of the market and can match remortgage products to your individual needs.

Remortgages To Help Improve Your Home

Are you planning a loft conversion or a conservatory addition? A remortgage can help to finance your plans.

One of the results of the rise in property prices over the past few years has been that homeowners have chosen to expand and improve their homes rather than move to a new property. Extensions and conversions can be extremely expensive, and you will need to raise the cash to pay for the alterations. In many cases, this can be done easily by getting a remortgage.

Finding the Right Remortgage Product

A remortgage is where you move the debt you have on your property from one lender to another. For many people, remortgaging not only gives you the cash you need, but it can also make you financially better off. You may be able to remortgage to a better interest rate and, because you will have paid off a percentage of your mortgage already, the additional money you need for your home improvements may not make too much of a difference to your total mortgage amount. This will give you the money you need for:

  • Loft Conversion
  • Cellar Conversion
  • General Extension
  • Conservatory
  • Garden Landscaping

Getting The Right Advice

If you're planning to improve your home, take some advice before you remortgage. There are thousands of products on the market, and you want to be sure that you are getting the one that's best for your needs. A good adviser will look at your financial circumstances, and find out about your plans for improvement, so that they know how much you need to remortgage for - including a contingency in case your work costs more than you expect. They will then be able to recommend a mortgage product that gives you exactly what you're looking for.

Remortgages For Better Interest Rates

Once your mortgage's Early Repayment Charge period has expired, you can move to a new product. However we research the nmarket to obtain a new product (an offer from the lender) for you well in advance of the expiry of your current ERC (anything up to six months), and then we sit on that product until your ERC has expired. If interest rates rise in the meantime, we have locked the lender into the new rate. However if rates reduce then we simply ask for the new rate. That way, as soon as your current deal finishes you will be on the new product from the very next day.

As homeowners are worried about future interest rates rises, it's no wonder that they are looking for ways to reduce the amount they have to pay on their mortgage. Worries about future interest rate rises may encourage people to switch from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, or just to look for a variable rate that's lower that the one they are currently on. If you are thinking of remortgaging so that you can save money, you should talk to a mortgage expert.

How You Can Remortgage To A Lower Rate

You may have had your current mortgage for 2 years or 12 years. However long you've been a mortgage customer, you can usually find a better rate for your debt. Most mortgages come with a in-built Early Repayment Charge period , which means that you'll get charged if you change product or Lender before that date. However in the current climate as the Bank Base Rate is so low, it is worthwhile reviewing your current rate with a view of the costs of adding any Early Repayment Charge to your loan as, you may still end up saving money with the right remortgage deal.

If you wait until that period is over, you should be able to remortgage to a product with a lower rate, although you should double-check with your current lender about any fees they might charge in order to close your mortgage account. You'll also need to consider:

Remortgage type

Don't rush into applying for a certain type of mortgage just because it's recently been in the press, or you've heard about it from your friends. Your mortgage is the biggest debfinnancial commitment that you'll have and its vital that you have the best deal available to you. We can make sure you do!


More and more people are taking advantage of the remortgage process, but you should still make sure that you use a knowledgable proffessional when chossing the best product available. the change is complete.

Range of remortgages

The sheer number of remortgages on the market means that it can be complicated to compare one with another. You should think seriously about getting professional advice before you apply for a new mortgage.

Remortgages Without The Hassle

Many people choose not to remortgage because of the hassle involved - but there is help available.

Is it really so difficult to remortgage? For many people, the thought of researching and finding a remortgage product, filling in application forms and sending off the necessary information is just too much hassle. When you think, however, of the money you could save by remortgaging to a lower interest rate, it just might be worth a little of your time.

Let the Professionals Take the Strain

The worst part of deciding to remortgage isn't actually the application - it's finding a remortgage product that suits you. This is becoming increasingly difficult because the mortgage market is highly competitive, and there are now thousands of remortgage and mortgage products on the market. It's almost impossible for an ordinary homeowner to find all the products that are available, let alone compare them and narrow the choice down to one or two that are suitable for you.

That's why it makes sense to take the hassle out of the remortgage process by talking to a professional mortgage adviser. They can:

Define Your Needs

By looking at your current mortgage and talking to you about what you're looking for from your new mortgage, an adviser can see which mortgage products will fit with your needs.

Assess the Market

A professional adviser will have expert knowledge of the market, including products that aren't available on the high street, giving you the widest possible choice for your remortgage needs.

Speak to Mortgage Lenders

Choosing a professional to advise you on your remortgage means that you have direct access to lenders. An adviser will know exactly what questions to ask and will have a direct line to a decision-maker.

Handle the Paperwork

A mortgage adviser will sort out the paperwork for you. You may still have to provide certain documents, but you don't have to worry about completing the application form as he/she will do that for you.

Getting help with your remortgage can make all the difference to how smoothly the process runs. You don't have to worry about anything except making the final decision about which remortgage deal to accept.

Remortgage - Borrow More and Still Save Money with Global Mortgages UK

Did you know that remortgaging is often the cheapest form of borrowing money?

Not only could Global Mortgages UK find you a great remortgage deal by finding a competitive mortgage rate for you and your situation, they could also help you remortgage and borrow even more and potentially still save!

How Remortgaging and Borrowing More Works?

You may not only be thinking of a new mortgage, but also about that new extension you want...that new car...or simply the need for a little extra cash for you and your family. But, you may not need this remortgage just yet.

When you let us help you to find a great remortgage, we could also help you find that extra agreed sum, at that same competitive interest rate, for some point in the future, to drawn down from a reserve when you are ready. And the best news is, you won't start paying interest on that extra sum until you come to use it!

Consider your remortgage requirements and build these into your mortgage - a great way to remortgage and borrow the money you need, under your terms.

Remortgage to Consolidate Your Debt

Even if you transfer your credit card balance from an existing credit card to those special 3 or 6 month rates, you are still stuck with the same problem once that time is up and, the chances are, you will still end up paying far too much in high credit card rates

Global Mortgages UK could help you remortgage to consolidate your expensive debts with one of our flexible mortgages. At the same time... you could save thousands and ensure that you don't keep paying over the odds on that pesky plastic!

You'll be amazed at how much you could save, just by switching your debt and your mortgage - millions of people all over the country have seen their repayments fall, giving them the added benefit of having more to spend on themselves each month. Remortgaging to consolidate existing debts has become a popular way of clearing debts and sorting out one's finances.

At Global Mortgages UK we update our panel of lenders regularly by scanning the remortgage market so that you don't have to. Our exclusive remortgage sourcing system means that we have access to thousands of mortgages, and the right mortgage or remortgage deal could be just a phone call away!

If you are looking for remortgages, let the experts save you time and money by finding the right product for you Global Mortgages UK has only the best mortgage advisers ready to advise you on all of your mortgage and insurance needs. For proffesional, friendly advice, call us to arrange a no obligation telephone appointment at a time that to suits you. Global Mortgags UK is the 'people's mortgage broker' with over 6000 mortgage products to choose from, including products that are not readily available on the High Street. Global Mortgages UK's experienced advisers could find the ideal product for you.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate mortgage is a mortgage that gives a fixed interest rate for specific number of years , normally, 2, 3, 5 or even 10. In a fixed rate mortgage your monthly payment will be same for the specified period reverting to the lender SVR at the end of the term, which will allow you to have insight for future expenditure and budget. Fixed rate mortgages give you stability so that you know exactly how much you will be paying over a specific time. This can be especially important for first time buyers taking on a new commitment.

Tracker Rate Mortgage

Tracker rate mortgages are normally a type of variable rate mortgage. Tracker rate mortgages will track another rate usually the bank of England base rate and so your monthly paymemts will change whenever the base rate fluctuates. Whenever the interest rates go down, your payments will go down too, but when the base rate increases then so will your monthly payment. Tracker deals are available for a particular term, usually 2 years.

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